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Shoot For The Moon Keepsake & Paperweight
Featuring a crescent moon and stars design, this lustrous and charming keepsake and paperweight i..
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Sagittarius Keepsake & Paperweight
An ideal gift for anybody whose star sign is Sagittarius, this crystalline keepsake and paperweig..
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Scorpio Keepsake & Paperweight
This dynamic crystal keepsake and paperweight is delicately engraved with the image of the scorpi..
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Libra Keepsake & Paperweight
An elegant gift for someone of the Libra Zodiac, this charming keepsake and paperweight features ..
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Virgo Keepsake & Paperweight
Delicately engraved with an image of innocence, this elegant keepsake and paperweight will be a d..
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Leo Keepsake & Paperweight
A great gift for someone of the Leo Zodiac, be creative with this charming keepsake and pape..
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Sexy Bitch Keepsake & Paperweight
There is nothing wrong with loving who you are, and with this fabulous keepsake and paperweight, ..
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Cancer Keepsake & Paperweight
This harmonious keepsake and paperweight features an imaginative laser-engraved cr..
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Gemini Keepsake & Paperweight
Laser-engraved with the images of the Gemini twins, and depicting the complex and contradictory n..
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Taurus Keepsake & Paperweight
This functional keepsake and paperweight features a laser-engraved image of Taurus the bull, and ..
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Aries Keepsake & Paperweight
An ideal gift for the Aries in your life, this dynamic keepsake and paperweight feature..
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Pisces Keepsake & Paperweight
This imaginative and peaceful keepsake and paperweight, engraved with the image of Pisces the fis..
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Aquarius Keepsake & Paperweight
This refined keepsake and paperweight will be a great gift for anyone whose Zodiac sign is Aquari..
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Overflowing Love Keepsake & Paperweight
A perfect gift to show how you feel, this keepsake and paperweight features a laser-eng..
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Recipe For A Happy Marriage Keepsake
This charming crystalline keepsake is specially engraved with the recipe for a happy marriage..
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